2019 Diocesan Convention Banquet



Introduction: Carol Ann McLean
and Kathy DePaulo
We gather tonight with members of the Catholic Women’s League to honour the memory of 92 of our members who have gone from this life to their eternal rest in Christ.  We welcome the family members who are with us to join in the memorial for our departed sisters.

Mary, Mother of Good Counsel

Invitation to Prayer -  Celebrant:
In the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
All:   Amen

The grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God and the companionship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
All: And with your Spirit.
Opening Prayer – Celebrant:
Gracious God, to whom mercy and forgiveness belong, hear our prayers on behalf of your faithful servants whom you have called into the light of your presence.  May they be welcomed joyously into heaven.  We ask this through Christ, our Redeemer.
All:  Amen

Reading of the Day:
Psalm: Rest in God Alone CBW#133

Reflection on the Word of God

Prayers of the Faithful:
Response: Lord Hear Our Prayer

Presentation of flowers:
God is the glory and joy of each of our departed members whose memory we celebrate today.  The flowers in the bouquets are a memorial to our deceased CWL members.  May God reward them with eternal rest.  We will now read the names of our departed sisters:
Sister Zita Gallagher
Pat Syncox
Rena Battiston
Rosemary Hanley
Lily Gibb
Regina Burella
Marie MacDonald
Theresa Zawadzki
Helen Anderson
Christina Piovesana

Kelly Anne Morrow
Joyce Bortolon
Pearl Buzzi
Rita Speer
Angelina Fimognari
Evelyn Gentile
Rita Hyder
Betty Furioso
Genevieve Perozak
Louise Rooks
Jean Barscello
Yolanda Nistico
Louise Amadeo
Marie Mastroianni
Maria Pradal
Yvonne Cambly
Gisele Rossetti
Irma Maria Bellon
Shirley Harris
Nella DeRe
Sister Bernadette Kinsella
Gina Roarco
Patricia Marcon
Olga Otway
Maria Malito
Loretta Mohring
Helen LeBlanc
Lina Romano
Olympia Romano
Anne Banning
Rose Gentile
Theresa Hrynyk
Nicolina Torfe
Norma Ortolan

Edna McCouan
Marion Pushkarenko
Shirley Rouillard
Evelyn MacDonald
Elizabeth Konderka
Anna Mascarin
Gloria Calonego
Lillian Asselin
Susan McDonald
Anne Veneruzzo
Ida Bisignano
Carmela Armiento
Olga Matarazzo
Helen Mascarin
Vivianna Brown
Alda Zorzes
Teresa Stanfield
Anne Tennant
Annie Burak
Colleen Somerfield
Phoebe Pilley
Johanna Cole
Millie Buset
Eola Adduono
Teresa Bragnalo
Zita Muzzin
Bianca Frattolin
Adelfia Pettenuzzo
Joy Garofalo
Doris Dodd
Mary McEwan
Carmela Gabbamonte
Jean Barr
Lila Morrow

Dora Littlefield
Rina DeSordi
Norma Nistico
Teresa DeLeo
Vi Corazza
Georgina Dzijacky
Mary Pellizzari
Valma Burella
Carmela Di Franco

A yellow rose will be presented by a family member of our CWL sisters who have gone to their eternal rest this year:

Baidee Simoneau
Patricia Simkanin
Daphne  Caruso
Mary Lepinsky
Shirley Wakewich

Past President:  Mary Sorokopud
Executive Member:  Alma Ongaro

Offertory Chant: Shepherd of My Heart G#829

Communion Chant: I Am the Bread of Life G#828

Closing: Kathy DePaulo
Special thanks to Father Maurizio, relatives and friends of our deceased members, all the CWL members and to our Requiem Choir, who contributed in making this Mass a blessed celebration for all our departed sisters.  We welcome everyone to the Church Hall after the Mass, for fellowship and refreshments.